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Helping you and your family

 get the sleep you deserve

Are you having difficulty with your child and their sleep?

We can help.

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Gentle Sleep Consulting         With Lights Out

"Sleep among children cannot be understood in isolation, but rather it is important to view sleep from a family context."

Dahl RE, El-Sheikh M 2007

Sleep deprivation can affect the whole family & everyone deserves to get the help they need when it comes to something as important as sleep. With a range of affordable options, we try to promote the view that no one is left behind. We believe infants & young children are extremely capable of knowing how to sleep, it is not that they need to be taught how to sleep but rather to learn the habits and patterns that revolve around good sleep hygiene which will in turn, improve sleep all around.

Benefits of Sleep Coaching

  • Sleep support will tackle any concerns you have and will help to build your confidence

  • Information on how to create environments that promote sleep

  • Methods and sleep structures that are effective

  • Consultations that are non-judgmental & encouraging

  • You will not only understand the importance of healthy sleep hygiene but also why we make particular changes

  • As the support is personalized it can be altered depending on how your child is responding

  • A range of affordable packages

  • All of your questions will be answered as well as support on how to deal with issues such as teething, travel, illness, regressions etc

What will you receive?

Professionalism & Confidentiality

Pre-Consultation Complete


Consultation & Analysis

Customised Sleep Plan

Follow Up Support

Baby Sleeping

"Adequate sleep is an important part of a baby's life and will continue to be beyond their first year"

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