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How do I know if we have a sleep problem?

Each child is different and each parent has different expectations of what their perfect sleep scenario will look like - there is no one size fits all approach. Your child's sleep habits are only a problem if you say it's a problem and the steps taken have to suit your needs. If we have happy parents, we will have a happy child and vice versa. With every family that contacts us, we unpick the habits that are causing you both difficulty and work together to try to implement some positive sleep associations.

Why does my child constantly wake up from their sleep during the night?

A lot of parents are not aware that it is completely normal for your child to wake numerous times during the night as they are transitioning through sleep cycles and for an infant, a cycle is usually between 30-50 minutes. Adults too have sleep cycles and wake throughout the night, however, we barely notice as we know how to make such transitions. If you are assisting your child to go to sleep with the use of props, e.g rocking, feeding, use of a dummy, when they wake to transition to the next sleep cycle unfortunately they will wake looking for the help of these props to fall asleep again.

Does my baby have to be bottle-fed in order to have sleep coaching?

My child still needs night feeds, can we still use your service?

Will my child have to move in to their own room?

Do you sleep coach babies under 6 months?

Is 5years old too late?

Will my baby or infant cry?

How do I know your methods of sleep coaching will work for my child?

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at all. Whether your child is breast or bottle-fed this is incorporated into your tailor made plan. The focus is not how you feed your little one but more that they are getting enough to eat at the right times all whilst assisting with positive sleep. We will discuss your child’s needs and help you to create a gentle sleep time routine so you are not reliant on feeding your baby to sleep if that's something you don't want to do.

Depending on how many age-appropriate night feedings your child needs, we will pay attention to behavior around these feedings to know which ones are necessary, and which ones are functioning more like a back to sleep prop. If a baby needs their night feed(s), they can still be sleep coached!

This is completely up to you as we will never ask you to make any changes you are not comfortable with. Whether your child is in a cot in your room, in their own room, in their room during the day and in yours at night, we can still work with you.

No, your baby is too young to take part in any sleep coaching. However, you can sign up for the Prenatal & Newborn Package (0-6 months) where we will begin to shape how your baby understands sleep working on appropriate awake times, optimizing naps, implementing some type of routine, encouraging good sleep hygiene from the start all whilst developing your self - confidence to tackle such issues in the future should they arise.

We work with children up to the age of 6 years old and it is never too late to improve your child's sleep, together we can make changes. However the longer that time goes by and the more embedded certain sleep habits are, more patience is required as the longer they may take to resolve so please get in touch as soon as possible and let's make changes.

We do not believe in methods such as 'cry it out' and if your child is upset, we will never discourage you from comforting them. However, to say there will be absolutely no tears at all is not a guarantee as change is difficult for little ones and there will most probably be some protest to any modifications that are made to the way they are used to. You will have support and guidance whilst you make any transitions. You will always be provided with gentle holistic options that seem manageable to you.

Although each child is different to the next, most children normally go through very similar sleep challenges amongst them. This allows us to tackle these challenges using evidence-based research as well as gentle methods to achieve positive outcomes. However, families must commit to being consistent in suggested changes in a way that works for them in order to see beneficial results.


Unfortunately, no we do not. Full payment must also be made prior to our meeting regarding the consultation & analysis process.

If you have any other unanswered questions please feel free to get in touch with me

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